Excursions in Rhodes

Excursions in Rhodes: for those seeking to explore the island of Rhodes by car, motorcycle, scooter, tricycle, bicycle, tandem, or other modes of transportation, there are a variety of possible destinations for enjoyable excursions. While this virtual tour does not aim to provide cultural enrichment, it does suggest destinations that provide a respite from the sun and a chance to rest your skin. Beaches will not be included in this tour, as they are covered extensively on other pages of this site. The following ideas are merely a sampling of the many places one can visit outside of the city, and it is always possible to stumble upon undiscovered, breathtaking locations simply by getting lost on the island. It is recommended to have a map on hand, as eventually one will need to return to their base

Filerimos and Yalissos:

the monastery of Filerimos and the remains of the ancient Yalissos, the first to the south of the three cities that jointly built the city of Rhodes in Greece on the northern tip of the island . From the top of the acropolis you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the island.

Baths of Kalithea:

The spa built by the Italians at the time of their occupation. Unfortunately the thermal spring has been lost and therefore they have not been functional for years. Recently they have been restored, it is definitely worth a visit and a swim in the cove. The thermal baths of Kalithea , collection of photographs.


the famous valley of the butterflies, an earthly paradise surrounded by greenery with streams and colorful flowers. Natural scenography for the real star of the place, the Callimorpha Quadripunctaria, a pretty butterfly that made this place famous.


on the west coast it is possible to visit the remains of the ancient city of Kamiros with its acropolis. Kamiros is the second city to the south that participated in the founding of the city of Rhodes in Greece .

Eight piges:

the valley whose name means seven springs, another very green oasis with fresh waterways and a nice restaurant where you can take a break for food and refreshments.


still on the west coast, after a steep climb you will find the remains of the castle of Kritinia, a sensational sighting point from where you can enjoy a splendid panorama.


locality famous for the production of wine and souma, a grape distillate similar to italian grappa. It is a great place to take a break and enjoy local specialties, especially grilled meats to pair with their wine .


the monastery perched on the tip and the contrast between the almost electric blue of the sea and the emerald green of the surrounding vegetation make this place mythical.


the third and best known city of antiquity which together with Yalissos and Kamiros founded the city of Rhodes in Greece . Now it is a picturesque village of white houses at the foot of the imposing fortress with the castle and the remains of the ancient acropolis.

Cape Prasonisi:

the extreme southern tip of the island with the beach frequented mainly by windsurfers due to the practically constant strong wind. Depending on the tide, the beach acts as a natural bridge between the islet of Prasonisi and the island of Rhodes in Greece .